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We are an American couple who had a dream, followed a plan and made the leap of faith to create a new life in France.  Ours is a contemporary story.  Professionals working long hours, making good money, but longing to feed our soul and
balance our life.  After twenty years of juggling the demands of our individual careers along side our Bed & Breakfast in Chicago, we decided to simplify our life.  

Early retirement doesn't describe it.  We have created our next great adventure in le petit jardin de l'âme
--a Bed & Breakfast--a place of rest and restoration--a gift to you

wpe1D.jpg (56799 bytes)We chose this area of France because of its rich history and rural simplicity.  The  village of Florensac is home to 4500 people.  It is a village alive in the 21st Century and proud of its heritage.  The walking tour of Florensac includes remnants of the earliest mention of Florensac in tenth (10th) century documents, its twelfth (12th) century church , the sixteenth  century (16th) Protestant temple and more. 

Our neighbors tell us that our home was built about 1750.  However, professionals consulted during the renovation tell us that's only part of the story. We've uncovered a mud brick wall--a method of construction used from 1100-1500AD.  It has served as a stable, a winery, and a farm house at the edge of town.  The manger, stone feeding trough and wine vats are still part of our garden. wpe21.jpg (29715 bytes)

Outside of the village are row upon row of vines in this the largest wine producing area of France.  Beyond the vineyards are the Etang de Thau, the oyster beds, and the Mediterranean.  A stretch of twenty-two (22) kilometers of sandy beach is only 15 minutes from town.

For connoisseurs of the French Mediterranean, the Languedoc is "the other" south of France almost untouched by tourism.  La  France profonde is here. wpe23.jpg (39422 bytes)   Within a few kilometers of Florensac you will find remnants of Roman provincial times and the earlier Greek and Phoenician seaport colonies of Sète, Agde, and Marsellian.  Medieval Languedoc was the inspiration for the poetry of Troubadours and host to the political-religious struggles of the crusades and wpe1B.jpg (35061 bytes)Cathari. 
Nearby Pézenas is such a wonderful surprise of history, well-preserved architecture and a present day Saturday open-air market.  Walk through town and you will know this was once the Royal Court of Languedoc and the home of Molière.

A life-time of day trips to the surrounding area can be yours.  Montpellier, Avignon, Arles, Carcassonne, Toulouse  and richly diverse terrain are no further away than a morning drive along country roads lined with plane trees.  Or, you may give a token nod to the 21st century by using the Languedocienne, the rapid auto route nearby.

le petit jardin de l'âme is more than a place to stay.  This visit to the south of France will refresh your spirit, nourish your soul and perhaps inspire a dream or two of your own.